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The Idaho Petroleum Council (IPC), is comprised of industry leaders representing oil and gas exploration, production, and development, transportation, and power production in Idaho.

Founded in 2011, we are advocates for the expansionand development of Idaho’s hydrocarbon-based energy sector. We support the high-paying jobs and cutting-edge technology that comes with Idaho’s newest industry, and believe it offers a new and exciting opportunity to advance and diversify Idaho’s economy.

The men and women of the energy industry, like all Idahoans, love to work and play in the Gem State. Our members are dedicated to protecting our state’s natural resources as we develop the industry in a safe, responsible way. Idaho is one of the newest states to join the oil and gas industry, and IPC was founded with the goal of ensuring that Idaho’s regulatory framework reflects current and best practices of the industry. We are committed to implementing the highest environmental and technological standards to protect Idaho’s land and water.

Idaho has an exciting opportunity to add oil and gas to the list of natural resource industries that have long been the source of our state’s economic stability. We welcome the chance to build Idaho’s own home-grown energy sector which will create hundreds of high-paying jobs and build upon our historic strong natural resource-based economy.

IPC is pleased to operate in close cooperation with other energy states, regional and national associations, and the many companies that provide services and supplies to the industry.

We endeavor to be a premier source of reliable information on the energy industry in Idaho and beyond our borders. Our objective is to keep you up to date on the latest activities in the field, at the Statehouse, and in the industry.

Mission Statement

As the voice of the energy industry in Idaho, our goal is to ensure that Idaho’s regulatory framework is consistent with other operating states and exemplifies the best practices of the industry.  IPC acts as a resource to elected officials and policy-makers, the media, and communities.  Our objective is to provide accurate and timely information on the state of the industry in Idaho, and to defend the energy sector as a vital and important part of our economy.  IPC welcomes the opportunity to engage Idaho as part of the country’s growing energy boom.

Message from the President:


Like all of you, the people who work in the petroleum industry love Idaho. We are committed to keeping this the best place to work, play and raise a family. That’s why we work hard each day to enhance Idaho’s economy, protect Idaho’s environment, and engage Idahoans on the importance of energy to our future.

– Suzanne Budge

Our Members