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Field Activity

Leasing and exploration activities, including numerous seismic operations, are a clear indication that the energy industry in Idaho is a dynamic and growing part of our economy.

In 2014, IPC Members Intermountain Gas and Alta Mesa installed the first commercial natural gas well in Idaho which supplies New Plymouth. Western Idaho hosts a growing infrastructure, including a number of newly-drilled wells, a processing facility and a new pipeline near the intersection of Idaho Power’s Langley Gulch Power Plant and Williams and Intermountain Gas Pipelines. Operators are also planning to build other facilities and the infrastructure needed to move petroleum products from their source to customers.

Western Idaho Basin Activity Update:

  • Seismic operations
  • Processing, transportation and loading facilities
  • New pipeline construction
  • Ongoing drilling activity

Statehouse Activity

2015 Legislative Agenda: Oil and Gas


The Oil and Gas Conservation Commission will propose the new rules and bills 2 through 4 listed below in the upcoming legislative session. The Dig Bill will be sponsored by Idaho Damage Prevention Control Coalition.

2015 Legislative Issues
  1. Oil and Gas Rules– Sponsored by Oil & Gas Conservation Commission / Idaho Department of Lands
  2. Program Fees– Sponsored by Oil & Gas Conservation Commission / Idaho Department of Lands
  3. Unit Operations– Sponsored by Oil & Gas Conservation Commission / Idaho Department of Lands
  4. Production Records– Sponsored by Oil & Gas Conservation Commission / Idaho Department of Lands
  5. Dig Bill– Sponsored by Idaho Damage Prevention Control Coalition

About the Oil and Gas Program Rules 

The Proposed Rules were adopted as pending by the Idaho Oil and Gas Conservation on October 21, 2014.  Click here: Proposed Rules

About the Proposed Bills

In a special meeting of the Oil and Gas Conservation Commission on December 3rd, OGCC approved three legislative proposals which were presented by program manager Bobby Johnson. Proposed changes to the program include:

1. Program Fees
2. Unit Operations
3. Production Records

IPC has participated in IDL’s discussions of rules and legislation and distributed this information to our members for their review and input.   

For additional information, visit the Oil and Gas Conservation Commission section of the IDL website or click here.

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