17 Nov 2011

New faces in Idaho industry


The petroleum industry in Idaho has received a lot of attention in recent days as the state Oil and Gas Conservation Commission considered and ultimately approved new rules for the industry. (Click here for an excellent write-up of those proceedings.) The coverage also resulted in new attention for one of the companies investing in Idaho’s […]

31 Oct 2011

Partners in prosperity


With all the debate over whether state or local entities should have the final say in rules governing oil and gas production in Idaho, it is easy to inadvertently overlook what’s at stake. The goal of regulation is to protect the public’s interest, including the interest in economic growth, increased revenue for local schools and […]

4 Oct 2011

New plant will help keep Idaho energy costs low


For all the buzz about renewable energy from wind, solar and other sources, folks often overlook one of the most important parts of that energy discussion: What do you do when the wind is not blowing or the sun is not shining? For Idaho Power, the answer is clean, homegrown natural gas. The utility company […]

21 Sep 2011

Natural gas is integral to Idaho’s future


The following piece comes from Dan Kirschner, executive director of the Northwest Gas Association. The piece originally appeared in the Idaho Statesman: Two recent bits of news place Idaho squarely in the vanguard of our nation’s quest for a clean, secure energy future. One has to do with how much natural gas is available for […]

7 Sep 2011

A nice story about an Idaho native


A newspaper in Shelter Island, New York, has a nice profile of an Idaho native who made his mark in the natural gas industry. The story chronicles someone who comes back to Idaho when he has the chance, but also paints an interesting picture of the growth of the natural gas industry in the U.S. […]

3 Aug 2011

Keeping our groundwater safe


Our members also make sure exploration will never impact Idaho’s most precious resource: water. Our aquifer is what has allowed Idaho to grow and prosper, which is why we use advanced drilling techniques to keep water safe and protected. We also test groundwater regularly to make sure it is not being impacted by our work. […]

2 Aug 2011

A great story out of Payette


The Ontario Argus-Observer and its sister paper, the Payette Independent-Enterprise, this week published an informative, in-depth story on the acquisition of mineral rights for exploration. Click here to read the story. Here is an excerpt: When landowners lease, they are signing a legal contract allowing the gas company to come onto their land and possibly […]

31 Jul 2011

The myth of ‘Gasland’


If you’re confused about natural gas, you are not alone. You’ve probably been hearing a steady drumbeat over the last several years about the great potential natural gas provides to an independent energy future for America. Everyone from energy pioneer and oil man T. Boone Pickens to Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Lisa Jackson to the […]

29 Jul 2011

How does drilling work?


Here in Idaho we’ve seen an increase in exploration for natural gas. That means drilling small exploratory wells. If those wells don’t pan out, the small holes they leave behind are capped — and hard to find. But what happens if a well appears to have the potential of being productive, and the exploration is […]

27 Jul 2011

Jobs, taxes and American energy

Jobs, taxes and American energy

Which is better: More jobs or fewer jobs? This video has the answer: