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21 May 2015

Government Releases Fire Plan to Protect Struggling Bird

Government Releases Fire Plan to Protect Struggling Bird

Earlier this week, Interior Secretary Sally Jewell, paid a visit to Boise to announce the plan for making greater sage grouse habitat a priority for fire prevention and response. The new plan focuses mostly on the Great Basin region of Idaho, Utah, Nevada, Oregon and California. The new plan comes from the federal government and the […]

20 May 2015

U.S. Energy – It’s All about Supply

U.S. Energy – It’s All about Supply

Solid bipartisan support for important energy legislation is on display in the U.S. Senate, with members of a key committee considering a number of ways to increase access to domestic supplies of oil and natural gas – as well as bills ending 1970s-era restrictions on U.S. crude oil exports. The information below comes from EnergyTomorrow.org. […]

15 May 2015

Energy Production and Species Conservation Working Hand in Hand


In the west, independent oil and natural gas companies are working closely with states, local communities and stakeholders, and conservation groups in the development and implementation of state-based plans to conserve the greater sage-grouse. Below is an article discussing the programs. It was written by Barry Russell, president and CEO of the Independent Petroleum Association […]

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