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28 Mar 2015

Idaho Senate approves Lee-sponsored gas bill


The following information comes from April Ehrlich of The Argus Observer. It was published March 27th, 2015. The original may be seen here. BOISE — The Idaho Senate approved legislation that would redefine market value assessment of oil and natural gas collection. House Bill 269 was sponsored by Abby Lee, R-Fruitland. It will revise how the […]

25 Mar 2015

Americans Have $48 Billion More in Their Pockets Each Year Thanks to the Shale Boom


Energy production technology is good for American consumers. Last year, residential consumer gas bills dropped $13 billion. The following information was written by Sean Hackbarth and posted on the U.S. Chamber of Commerce blog on March 23rd, 2015. See the original here. The New Republic is no fan of hydraulic fracturing. However, they published a piece by staff writer Danny Vinik […]

24 Mar 2015

The Growing Momentum of U.S. Energy

The Growing Momentum of U.S. Energy

Will policymakers step up to economic reality and realize that lifting the country’s antiquated ban on natural gas exports would have a number of mostly beneficial effects on domestic employment, geopolitical security, our energy industry and the environment? The following information comes from the Energy Tomorrow Blog. It was written by Mark Green on March 23rd, 2015. See the […]

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